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Affordable Application Programming, Database Development & IT Consulting

I listen. I break down the issue into steps, then I solve the problem step by step. I create solutions in a world full of problems. I am an affordable freelance software programmer and database developer. I can build database driven, dynamic web sites. I can program custom business software applications. I can write software for Windows, Linux, Android and all other major operating systems for computers and cell phones. I can create games, Facebook Apps, Twitter Apps, promotional software, education software and even automate network tasks such as shutting down every non essential PC at 11PM to save electricity and reduce your electric bills. Many of the custom software applications I create works behind the scenes. Diligently doing their job day in day out, doing their intended job so well, that many forget they are even there.

How much does it cost?

Free Project Consultation, Free Programming Quotes

I charge $20-$50 per hour for my services, this does not include travel fees, gas, hardware or any other fees that your project may include.
I give heavy discounts for a variety of reasons; time intensive projects requiring several months for instance.
I am open to negotiating, bartering, trades and more. Since I do most of the work myself, I have no problem taking alternative payments.
I love to give discounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so be sure to Find us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Connect to us on LinkedIn!

Call, email or text me! Let's talk shop about your business, idea or project. I can create virtually any type of software you need. I could bore you to death with technical phrases but what would that mean to you? How about this: if you can dream it, I can create it. Anything I'm not familiar with, I have solutions. I have an ARMY of local technicians, associates & programmers in every state that I can recruit at will if needed, no project is too large! I will always handle the bulk of the programming work personally, I love a challange and I enjoy giving outstanding service and 24/7 support to each and every client.

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Custom Programming & Software Development

Affordable programming for Windows, Linux & Android!

The only realy limit is your own imagination. I use a variety of software languages to create a system that works for you. Whatever your specific needs are, I am adapable to any requests or requirements that you may have.

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Database Design, Development & Administration

MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS ACCESS, CSV, Text File & More!

I have alot of experience with SQL databases. I can not only create them but also help create automated backup systems, setup routine maintenance and programmatically run queries. Blah Blah... What does that mean? I can help you manage any type of information you may have. Period. I can also build custom servers if needed.

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Web Development

Web Sites, Facebook Apps, Twitter Apps & More!

Creating Web based solutions is fast and easy. I have the experience and resources to get your project done. Every web development project gets Search Engine Optimization or SEO as a value added bonus. Your custom programming projects will be setup for success from day 1.

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Computer Hardware Sales & Service

Custom Built, New, Used, Refurbished and Off-Lease Computers & Servers!

Over the years, I've been able to meet some unique suppliers to be able to offer incredible deals to my clients and friends. One of the best ways to save money is to not overspend on computers that only serve a specific purpose such as POS (Point Of Sale) systems.

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I also enjoy building some of the most unique computer systems available. I specialize in unique computer installations for home or business. Everything from custom handicapped and bedridden patient setups to

Home & Business Networking

New & exsisting Wired, Wireless & VPN Networks

Let me and my team of experienced local technicians take care of all your networking needs. Let us create, upgrade or troubleshoot your home or business network and see the differance experience makes.

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On-Site Technical Support

When you need solutions, not excuses!

We all have emergency issues at times when most service providers would would simply either keep you on the phone or schedule a visit the following day. Sometime, that's JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Call me. I will come to your business and find a solution A.S.A.P. I offer these emergency services in two flavors, Prepaid and Emergency.

Prepaid: For a small monthly fee, you can get a technician on-site at no extra charge. They will simply come and fix the problem and leave whenever you need them.
Emergency: A technician will come on-site and fix your problem, this is not cheap. This is a great source for on-site technical support between the hours of 5pm-8AM when no other technician is usually available. There is no monthly fee, simply call me when you need me.

All of my clients enjoy 24/7 phone and email support. I provide a majority of this support myself, it's not outsourced to any call center. I'm doing the work, I know the answers, I will help you. Period.

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